Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Fashion, Friends & Keeping Connected

Like most people nowadays, I lead a busy life, running between home, the office and seeing friends and family. Not to mention flitting between my favourite shopping haunts and taking in the latest fashion exhibition (if you haven’t seen Savage Beauty at the V&A...go now!).
And London is a big city to be running around in between (especially in heels!!)
It can be hard to keep in touch with people at the best of times, but I have friends and family spread out across the world too (a lot of my family are in Cyprus and I have friends from Tokyo to Texas!)
Although this has its obvious perks (my best friend lives smack bang in the Lower East Side and conveniently close to my favourite flea market in New York), it also means keeping in touch is even harder especially those friends that are ALWAYS travelling for work.
So I was intrigued when a friend of mine told me (over a glass of wine naturally) about a new app called ‘Connect’ which basically pulls all of your contacts across all social networks - Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linked In etc and puts them in one handy map, so you can easily keep track of where your friends are....
....A bit Big Brother you may say but actually - its blimmin' brilliant! Firstly, I found out which old friends from Uni had moved abroad (always handy to know when holiday planning comes about – Lucy in Miami watch out!) but what happened a week or so later was that I got an actual alert from Connect to tell me that a friend from Manchester was in London. 
It alerts you when a contact who’s normally over 100 miles away is in your hometown, which is mega handy if you're someone who needs to network, especially when important business contacts find themselves in the same area. In the fashion and PR industry especially this could be very useful (why hello Ms Editor of a magazine who’s on my Linked In – let’s do lunch?) there’s also group chat options, a bit like What’s App.
 So anyway...I know I don't normally post anything techy related but I was so impressed, I had to share – you can check it out for yourself on iOS and Android  – face to face time will never go out of fashion dahling!

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

H&M teams up with Alexander Wang for next Design Collaboration

H&M announced yesterday during an event at the Coachella Music Festival, in Palm Springs, California, USA, that their next designer collaboration will be with Alexander Wang. This partnership marks the first time that an American designer teams up with H&M on the much anticipated designer collaboration.

The New York based Fashion Designer’s eponymous brand has firmly established itself by perpetually evolving and re-contextualizing the urban uniform, since it was launched on the runway in 2007. Alexander Wang’s core sensibility is a reflection on contrasts, blending seamlessly between the refined and the imperfect. His collections have an unprecious outlook on fashion, and always reflect a sense of ease.

The full collection will be available in 250 H&M stores worldwide, and online starting November 6, 2014 and I for one, will be first in line to see what the fashion maverick has come up with for the high street!

Monday, 3 March 2014

Olivia Palermo's Look for under £60

I've long been a fan of Ms Palermo's style and I recently fell head over heels in love with a very basic but stylish outfit she wore on the front row at New York Fashion Week.

The lovely team at Wembley Designer Outlet challenged bloggers to 'get the look' of some of our favourite celebrity stylistas for under £100.

I genuinely didn't think the task possible and whilst I don't often like being proved wrong...the chance of a Sunday morning shopping spree with £100 cash in hand was too good an opportunity to pass up. Having scoured the likes of All Saints, LK Bennett, Guess and Superdry, I was in fact proved very wrong when I managed to source a similar outfit from Gap and H&M. The best bit? The whole outfit cost under £60. So while I didn't quite have Ms. Palermo's budget or team of stylists, I was able to re-create a similar look for pittance.

Having visited the outlet a couple of times now, I would so recommend it if you want to stock up on some great basics and good quality labels at seriously knock-down prices. After all, who can resist a brand new outfit for virtually nothing?

What are your favourite FROW looks? Send in any pics of some great styles that you've re-created on a budget.

Sweater by H&M: £7, White shirt by Gap: £17, Black skinny jeans by Gap: £31.49

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Valentine's Day just got Thrifty

For those of you that know me well, I rarely need an excuse to hit the shops. For all seasonal occasions from Christmas to Easter, shopping allows me the perfect excuse to "buy one for you...and a little something for me". Valentine's Day however, remains the oddest of annual occasions for me as I become slightly cynical at the sheer audacity of restaurants in particular, that see it appropriate to hike the price and reduce your menu options. Despite being a lover of all things heart-print, no I do NOT need my soufle baked into a miniature loveheart, nor do I need to splash the cash on expensive gifts to show a loved one that I..well, love them.

So in comes a saving grace in the form of a new designer outlet just a skip, hop and moment away from my parents' home. The Wembley Designer Outlet opened just a few months ago. Whilst you can't expect the designer brands of Bicester, what you can be sure of is highstreet brands at ridiculously knocked down prices. From H&M to Gap, LK Bennett to All Saints. Already, I have bagged myself a £12 pair of Gap jeans that have become like second skin and a summer dress from H&M (which I had my eye on full price) for just a fiver. So style really needn't come at a price.

Watch this space on perfecting your front row looks in time for LFW on a shoestring and in the meantime, for you true romantics out there...here are a few Valentine's Day gifts that won't break the bank.

ProCook Silicone Heart Shaped Cake Mould RRP £14, Outlet Price £7

The Body Shop Heart Lollipop Lip Butters, Outlet Price £15

Marks & Spencer Heart Print Chemise, RRP £9.50, Outlet Price: £5.50

Villeroy & Boch Octavie Champagne Flute, RRP £24.50, Outlet Price: £12.25

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Gorgeous Gifts for the Animal Lover this Christmas

With Christmas looming, I thought I'd post a few of my favourite animal-themed gifts. From gorgeous trinkets to the cutest of cookie jars - hopefully this will satisfy your animal-loving loved ones this Christmas.
Fire & Ice Jacket - £185 by Unreal Fur. Available at Spotted On Celeb

Alex Monroe Bumble Bee necklace - £150. Available to buy at Liberty

Orange Pigeon Wall Lamp by Thorsten Van Elten - £72. Available to buy at Liberty

Rabbit Cookie Jar - £68. Available at Anthropologie

Poodle Cookie Jar - £68. Available at Antropologie

Hippopotamus Leather Foot Stool - £430. Made to order by Omersa

Thursday, 21 November 2013

Topshop gets Personal

Today, I kind of "stumbled" across Topshop's personal shopping service. By stumble, I mean, I always knew it was there but never actually booked an appointment. I've no idea why, seeing as I am the most impatient shopper when it comes to queuing...whether it be for the fitting room or cash register.

So having 'popped in' on my lunch break today (I needed to honest!) and not really having a great deal of time, I cheekily thought I'd ask the girls at the personal shopping desk if I could use one of their fitting rooms and sneakily bypass the snake of a lunchtime queue.

Firstly, in the personal shopping department, you do not use changing rooms. You enter a numbered suite m'dear. The girls were so accommodating and offered me the full personal shopping service. They started a suite for me whilst I continued to browse the shop and kindly offered to dive back on to the shop floor to find alternative sizes for me.

The suite was so very different from your average changing room. White, with wall to floor mirrors and so spacious you could swing your Birkin round a few times. Individual rails allowed me to space out the dresses, skirts and jumpers I'd taken in with me, without having to battle with multiple racks.

The communal space was beautifully and comfortably dressed, with sweet nicknacks, bottled water available for customers and clothes mood boards...just to entice you into another purchase or two.

The best part of the whole experience? Its absolutely free and available at Topshop stores in London, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Leeds, Liverpool and Manchester.

Click here to register and make an appointment. By signing up, Topshop will also reserve you key pieces and send invites for exclusive previews. What's not to love?

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

David Gandy Nude Pictures for Dolce & Gabana

Words can't quite express the reaction on my face when these pictures arrived in my inbox.

The rather beautiful David Gandy has been photographed by Mariano Vivanco for the new Dolce & Gabana ad...actually...I'm not sure my words are necessary on this particular post.

All that IS left to say is D&G - thank you and to my Exsoterics..."enjoy!"

Friday, 8 November 2013

J. Crew - London Store Review

Yesterday, J.Crew London opened its doors to media and bloggers for a sneak-peak at what it has to offer.

Having literally just come back from New York and having visited as many J. Crew stores as possible, I wondered whether there even COULD be anything left for me to buy, but from a store design point of view, I would never have missed the opportunity to take a look before the throngs of people descend.

On entering, we were greeted by mannequins dressed in all-shades-of-blue outfits but with a positively British vibe... the ticker-tape covered telephone box helped.

As well as seeing pieces that I'd seen on my recent trip to New York, I was delighted to see rows and rows of print and colours adorning J. Crew's immaculately made shirts, including ones made in collaboration with our very own Liberty.

The store lay-out was perfect. Rails of "have-to-have-that" pieces were inter dispersed with glass cases full of eye-catching statement necklaces, bracelets and earrings. Everywhere you looked, there was yet another treasure trove of goodies to feast your eyes on.

Did I buy? Well....yes I did. Its so hard not to in this shop, and this is precisely why J. Crew will become the highstreet fashion staple of many a Londoner, now that it's arrived. It provides you with quality staples that will last for years and are worth paying the extra £ for. But it also offers classic pieces that are adorned with a bejewelled 'edge' here or a rhinestone-clad collar there.

J. Crew has got it right in that it creates wearable pieces that can be worn as stand-alone items, which are enough to turn heads and create a talking point. But those same pieces, bejewelled, printed or otherwise can also be mixed and matched in so many ways, that they look different on everyone.

I'm definitely kinda happy that its arrived!

Merino wool sweater: J. Crew
Necklace: Ek Thongprasert
Shirt: Gap

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Highstreet Fashion Mecca Coming Soon - J. Crew finally hits UK shores this week

I have long kept J. Crew my New York fashion secret. For years and 25 trips to the Big Apple later, I would head to the Lower East Side, drop my bags off at my friend's apartment and literally sprint to the nearest J. Crew store.

There are a multitude of reasons for this complete highstreet fashion addiction. First and foremost, when you buy J. Crew you are buying into an aesthetic....but its one that isn't dictated to by trends, one that allows you to individualise, to clash, to streamline... to everything!

My most recent J. Crew purchase

A trip to J. Crew never disappoints. While slightly pricier than your average high street shop, you can be sure that quality fabrics are bestowed on the simplest of T Shirts to the most luscious coloured brocade skirts and trousers.

Since Jenna Lyons joined the company, she has added beautiful statement jewellery that could pass as an exclusive Ek Thongrasert necklace without the hefty price tag.

So with the London store's imminent opening, I am excited to have it on my doorstep but slightly miffed that the secret's out. Either way, the clothes' ability to be mixed and matched in the most individual way avoids the matchy sameness of a Topshop or Reiss even. Excited? Me? Most definitely!

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Marc Jacobs as the new Diet Coke Man

Check out Marc Jacobs as the new Diet Coke man...move over Andrew Cooper

Diet Coke annonces Marc Jacobs as New Creative Director

Today, Diet Coke, the world’s #1 selling diet soft drink is privileged to announce that leading visionary, Marc Jacobs, has been unveiled as Creative Director exclusively for 2013. The partnership will be an exciting element of the ‘Sparkling Together For 30 Years’ campaign, as the brand celebrates its milestone 30th Anniversary.

Marc Jacobs will bring his unique vision to the brand, by creating a limited edition collection of must-have bottles and cans, uniting the stylish and light-hearted personalities of both icons. Inspired by the three decades, the chic designs capture the rise of female empowerment through the ‘80s, ‘90s, ‘00s, with a whimsical twist - true to Jacobs’ signature style.

One of this generation's hottest and most influential designers, Marc Jacobs’ designs exude a youthful spirit, with provocative artistry - the perfect partner to collaborate with Diet Coke. With this exciting appointment, Diet Coke will build on its impressive heritage of fashion collaborations.

Marc Jacobs commented, I feel very privileged to be the new Creative Director of Diet Coke and put my stamp on the 30th Anniversary campaign. Diet Coke is an icon… and I love an icon.”

To celebrate the announcement, Diet Coke is launching a fun short film starring the designer, entitled:Marc Jacobs’ Photo Booth Break. The teaser features a very alluring shirtless Marc Jacobs, paying tribute to the legendary Diet Coke ‘Hunk’ ads from the 1990s. Jacobs brings a modern twist to this interpretation, with style and light-hearted humour.

Sunday, 3 February 2013

Diet Coke turns 30 years young

This week saw one of the most iconic brands turns 30. Its hard to believe that Diet Coke - THE fashionista's drink is only 30 years old, especially when you think that over the last three decades, it has offered us some of the most iconic and memorable advertising the world has seen.

I was proud to have been a part of this. I with my team of wonderful PR girls planned its birthday celebration, held at London's Sketch.

Fashion influencer, Hilary Alexander hosted the evening and offered her personal anecdotes, not only about the brand itself but also about some of the iconic fashion designers that the brand has partnered with over the last ten years. Karl Lagerfeld and his Diet Coke butler was mentioned alongside Jean Paul Gaultier - the most recent of collaborators.

Hilary also officially opened the Diet Coke retrospective - a three decade themed pop-up exhibition, curated especially for the night itself. Spanning the last 30 years, guests were treated to imagery from Diet Coke's launch at New York's Radio City, through to an 80s collaboration with the Pointer Sisters and showcased all the fashion bottles from Patricia Field (who had flown from New York especially for the evening) to Karl, Moschino to DVF and beyond.

Amidst the amazing decade themed set played by Bip Ling, guests were also treated to the new Diet Coke Hunk ad...and better still - the man himself, who partied alongside guests such as Sophie Ellis Bextor, Peaches and Fifi Geldof, Laura Whitmore, Jade Parfitt and so many others.

A hard week indeed but one which I will never forget in my fashion fabulous life. Enjoy the pics!!

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

The Sunglasses Statement

There are so many unbelievable sunglasses out there at the moment. From high street to designer, I've noticed so many people making their sunnies the focal point of an outfit. Likewise, sunglass design has taken an immense U-turn in that they have become more creative, bolder and quite simply, not designed for wear on the beach.

Here are a couple that I spotted recently at LFW that caught my eye...

Monday, 24 September 2012

The Best of Street Style at LFW

Firstly, I must apologise for having been gone for such a long time. To make up for it, I wanted to share some of the best street style looks from LFW. Hope you enjoy!

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Inherently Cool, West Houston, NYC

I was obsessed with my Dr. Martens at school and literally kick myself every time I see someone customise theirs in their own quirky way. There isn't anything particularly "fashion" about this look, which is why I think I love it. Like really love it. Its like this college guy was born with an innate sense of style that so many people aspire to have. I'm not even a fan of 'man-jewellery'...in fact I positively hate it, but he appears so comfortable that I'm guilty of being a fan of this male bijoux (only on this rare occasion may I add).

Dr. Martens are totally tuned in to the sense of nostalgia their boots & shoes evoke. They're encouraging brand-lovers to tweet about their first DM experience - just use #FirstandForever to share yours.