Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Inherently Cool, West Houston, NYC

I was obsessed with my Dr. Martens at school and literally kick myself every time I see someone customise theirs in their own quirky way. There isn't anything particularly "fashion" about this look, which is why I think I love it. Like really love it. Its like this college guy was born with an innate sense of style that so many people aspire to have. I'm not even a fan of 'man-jewellery' fact I positively hate it, but he appears so comfortable that I'm guilty of being a fan of this male bijoux (only on this rare occasion may I add).

Dr. Martens are totally tuned in to the sense of nostalgia their boots & shoes evoke. They're encouraging brand-lovers to tweet about their first DM experience - just use #FirstandForever to share yours.


  1. This kid is some kinda wholefoods junkie (west houston wholefoods in particular), dunno what the deal is, but whenever I'm there I see him and his bada**ness makes my day.

  2. They are some skinny skinny jeans!