Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Highstreet Fashion Mecca Coming Soon - J. Crew finally hits UK shores this week

I have long kept J. Crew my New York fashion secret. For years and 25 trips to the Big Apple later, I would head to the Lower East Side, drop my bags off at my friend's apartment and literally sprint to the nearest J. Crew store.

There are a multitude of reasons for this complete highstreet fashion addiction. First and foremost, when you buy J. Crew you are buying into an aesthetic....but its one that isn't dictated to by trends, one that allows you to individualise, to clash, to streamline... to everything!

My most recent J. Crew purchase

A trip to J. Crew never disappoints. While slightly pricier than your average high street shop, you can be sure that quality fabrics are bestowed on the simplest of T Shirts to the most luscious coloured brocade skirts and trousers.

Since Jenna Lyons joined the company, she has added beautiful statement jewellery that could pass as an exclusive Ek Thongrasert necklace without the hefty price tag.

So with the London store's imminent opening, I am excited to have it on my doorstep but slightly miffed that the secret's out. Either way, the clothes' ability to be mixed and matched in the most individual way avoids the matchy sameness of a Topshop or Reiss even. Excited? Me? Most definitely!

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