Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Fashion, Friends & Keeping Connected

Like most people nowadays, I lead a busy life, running between home, the office and seeing friends and family. Not to mention flitting between my favourite shopping haunts and taking in the latest fashion exhibition (if you haven’t seen Savage Beauty at the V&A...go now!).
And London is a big city to be running around in between (especially in heels!!)
It can be hard to keep in touch with people at the best of times, but I have friends and family spread out across the world too (a lot of my family are in Cyprus and I have friends from Tokyo to Texas!)
Although this has its obvious perks (my best friend lives smack bang in the Lower East Side and conveniently close to my favourite flea market in New York), it also means keeping in touch is even harder especially those friends that are ALWAYS travelling for work.
So I was intrigued when a friend of mine told me (over a glass of wine naturally) about a new app called ‘Connect’ which basically pulls all of your contacts across all social networks - Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linked In etc and puts them in one handy map, so you can easily keep track of where your friends are....
....A bit Big Brother you may say but actually - its blimmin' brilliant! Firstly, I found out which old friends from Uni had moved abroad (always handy to know when holiday planning comes about – Lucy in Miami watch out!) but what happened a week or so later was that I got an actual alert from Connect to tell me that a friend from Manchester was in London. 
It alerts you when a contact who’s normally over 100 miles away is in your hometown, which is mega handy if you're someone who needs to network, especially when important business contacts find themselves in the same area. In the fashion and PR industry especially this could be very useful (why hello Ms Editor of a magazine who’s on my Linked In – let’s do lunch?) there’s also group chat options, a bit like What’s App.
 So anyway...I know I don't normally post anything techy related but I was so impressed, I had to share – you can check it out for yourself on iOS and Android  – face to face time will never go out of fashion dahling!

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