Thursday, 11 August 2011

Total Wedding Picture Envy

With only 16 days to go to my own wedding, I could totally relate to the wedding nerves expressed by Kate Moss in the interview featured in U.S. Vogue's September issue. However, after seeing what I can only describe as the most beautiful wedding pictures I have ever seen, those nerves have reached a totally new level...will my wedding photos look anywhere near this good? Well, in short...No...But then again my wedding photographer isn't Mario Testino.

For me this is what wedding photography should be about - capturing those happy moments of the day in a non-staged and farcical way.

All photography by Mario Testino


  1. I agree the Mossy's wedding photos are stunning! But yours will be equally as stunning in their own way! Is the issue out now? I have been waiting for it eagerly too! X

  2. so beautiful. mario testino should photograph my wedding..

  3. I don't like the first picture as it's just to fake, the others are lovely!