Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Inside Kate Moss's Wedding

I am always so intrigued to see pictures of celebrities caught in natural, everyday situations (not that you'd call Kate Moss's wedding to Jamie Hince 'everyday' but you get where I'm coming from). So I nearly did cartwheels when I found out photographer Terry Richardson had posted 'inside' pictures from Moss-Fest on his blog. Kate unsurprisingly, look stunning and so so happy! Terry I'm getting married in August and you're welcome to wear official wedding photographer hat any day you like!

The happy couple

A kiss just after the cutting of the cake

Kelly Osbourne plants a smacker on Best Woman Alison Mosshart

Terry Richardson with Sir Paul McCartney

Terry & Jude Law (yummy!)

Daphne Guiness

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  1. these are great pictures, i agree with you, its always so good to see insider photos rather than the ones printed all over the newspapers! she looked lovely on her wedding day. xx