Friday, 8 April 2011

My Evening with Karl Lagerfeld

So...possibly the most glamorous event of 2011 (apart from my wedding that's coming up in August of course!) I had the pleasure of going to Paris yesterday as creative genius, Karl Lagerfeld unveiled his hottest collection yet for Diet Coke. Celebrities from Lily Cole to Lou Douillon attended the glam event at Le Georges at the Pompidou Centre in Paris.

But it was seriously a stylish trip from start to finish, from our plush carriage on the Eurostar, settling in to our rooms of the boutique L'Empire hotel to kicking off the night with a scrumptious dinner at Kong (as in THE Kong restaurant featured in the Paris episodes of Sex and the City!)

I've had 3 hours sleep, have the most horrendous bags under my eyes but it was SO worth it!

Lily Cole and the creative genius that is Karl Lagerfeld

Giant versions of the Diet Coke bottles designed by Karl himself

Dinner at Kong restaurant pre party with Emily from Fashion Foie Gras and Pat from

Hold the front page...photographic proof that karl Lagerfeld has his own Diet Coke butler!!


  1. wow, looks amazing! Karl is a living legend!

  2. A- mazing!!!!!!!

  3. omg - i am actually too jealous for words!

  4. Lovely post hun,so lovely to see you enjoying your new job and to meet Karl ...just awesome!x

  5. Can't believe he really has a diet coke butler

  6. Lucky you - how do I get myself invited to one of these parties? I mean Karl Lagerfeld...legend indeed xoxo