Monday, 15 November 2010

A Stylish Weekend in Florence

So one lucky lady (that'd be me!) was whisked off to Florence for a long weekend! I LOVE the city - apart from the naturally stylish Italians, the art and architecture makes me feel like I've been transported to a totally different era.

Apart from visiting the Duomo, browsing Via Turnabuoni and Ponte Vecchio, we feasted on truffles all weekend. Truffles on pasta, truffles on Florentine steak - washed down with some local Italian red wine - perfect!

We also stayed in possibly one of the most romantic hotels I've ever visited. Il Salvatino had the most fantastic views of the city, beautiful food and exquisite service.

I'll be posting pictures of some people that caught my eye over the weekend - Italian style of course!

 About to tuck into some more truffles!!
 Even the doors are stylish and dramatic!
The man that made it happen...overlooking the gardens at Il Salvatino


  1. These pics are fantastic! Nice to see some pictures of the lady behind the blog!!

  2. Ciao bella! Looks like you had a lovely time... and what's that on your finger...? xx

  3. Florence, I'm jealous , can't wait to see more pictures....!

  4. Florence is so beautiful and romantic - you've really captured the mood in your pics