Friday, 22 October 2010

Cup of Tea & A Chat with Cecilia Ostman

I have, since I was a little girl always been fascinated by a simple necklace or statement bangle could really make an outfit. I think this obsession may have been born from childhood - my mother had a huge ornate jewellery box crammed full of eye-catching costume jewellery and antique pieces given to her by my father.

So back to the point in question...what I love more than finding a little treasure at my favourite flea market in New York (or my mum's jewellery box!) is discovering a new jewellery designer.

So I'd like to introduce you all to Cecilia Ostman. I had the pleasure of meeting her at the Pavilion of Art & Design when I asked to take her picture. I was instantly drawn to her necklace, which was of course one of her own designs.

 Cecilia Ostman (left) and her sister

Check out her whole collection and you soon realise that her necklaces are what you've probably always been looking for but could never seem to find in the shops. Jade and turquoise beads are used to create little clusters of flowers hung from delicate chains, or large polished black pebble beads juxtaposed on plaited cream fabric...simply stunning.

I wanted to get to know Cecilia a bit better and to find out what her sources of inspiration are...

E: Describe your style in three words
CO: Cute, sexy, feminine
E: Where do you get inspiration for your jewellery designs?
CO: My favorite source of inspiration is traditional costume.  There is so much inspiration to be taken from the pioneers; the ones who started it; before imitations.  Ancient Greece, Rome and Egypt all have amazing examples of jewellery that is so timeless in its beauty.  My latest inspiration was ancient Arabian jewellery and costume. 
E:What is your most prized piece of jewellery / fashion item?
CO: My huge white fox fur ear muffs.  My ears are very sensitive to wind and cold that the minute it gets just a bit cold out there i long for these earmuffs.  They are huge on me, children point at me and men holler from across the street, but to me they are so cozy; I wouldn't survive a winter without them!
E: Your best kept fashion secret?
CO: My friends hate me for this, but I tailor my own clothes.  If you know how to sew (even a little), you can transform an ill fitted sale item to look stunning.  With some good pressing and a few tucks here and there I make H&M look like couture.
E: Which celebrity would you most like to see wear your jewellery?
CO: Rachel Bilson.  She has a great sense of style, she always looks cute and she's always smiling!

E: What is your fashion forecast for accessories for 2011?
CO: I think statement pieces still have a long shelf live.  I'm going for some big necklaces, cute head bands, bows, colors, and really feminine stuff. 
E: What does style mean to you?
CO: For me style is what you accomplish when at any given day you are dressed for the occasion, the weather and you are true to yourself.
E: Finally, whose style do you admire?
CO: Audrey Hepburn.  I know it's a cliche, but she really was always elegant, feminine and full of style!
Queen Rania of Jordan, always stunning.
Beyonce, she doesn't always get it right, but when she does no one can stop her.
Coco Chanel, she practically invented the modern woman, we all owe her a lot!


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